ghostbirds in winter
Untitled (tutu)
roweharrison_susan_5_2009, Wall Flowers, dimensions variable, prviate commission.jpg
roweharrison_susan_12detail_2002_Procryptic, acrylic on wall, foyer 11 x 6 ft each side, Glyndor Gallery, Wave Hill, Bronx, NY.JPG
roweharrison_susan_7_2009, Orange Solar Moment, Simone Interiors, hand-cut vinyl on window and wall, 3 x 7.5 FT .jpg
roweharrison_susan_2_2012_ghostbirds in winter, Stantec Window Gallery, Toronto, 16x8 ft.jpg
roweharrison_susan_8detail_2009, Inflorescence, handcut vinyl on wall, 11 x 18 ft.jpg
roweharrison_susan_9detail_2008, Palm of the Hand Nature, hand-cut vinyl on wall, dimensions variable, Come Up to My Room, Gladstone Hotel, 6 x 16 FT.jpg
roweharrison_susan_10_2007, After Nature, Hand-cut vinyl and paint on wall, Wall + Paper, Nuit Blanche:Xpace Gallery,  2 windows both 11  x 6 ft.jpg
roweharrison_susan_10detail_2007, After Nature, Interior walls, hand-cut vinyl and paint on wall, 10ft H x 6 ft.jpg
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