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This one is from the Design Museum in London from the Gio Ponti Show in 2002. It was created by design team Kerr Noble who worked together for 10 years before going their separate ways...

I wish I could find a larger image so I could read it but nevertheless totally beautiful...

Here is another from team Kerr-Noble and the Museum Sheffield show On The Map:

The blurb goes as follows...


<i>Rivermap</i>, Kerr | Noble, 1999
Rivermap, Kerr | Noble, 1999

The Rivermap leaflet illustrates the importance of the process of mapping for designers in visualising information.

In this map Kerr | Noble are representing the thoughts and feelings invoked by the River Thames, in London. They chose to use a poem by John Banck, A Description of London, 1738, to convey the character and history of the Thames. The words of this poem have replaced the geographical contours of the River, creating an alternative map. The font, Caslon by William Caslon, was chosen for its joyfulness and historicism, as it was designed at the same time that the poem was written."

Find out more about Kerr | Noble

<i>Rivermap</i>, Kerr | Noble, 1999
Rivermap, Kerr | Noble, 1999

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japan - fujimori’s architecture and ROJO
venue: pavilion at giardini
commissioner: fujimori terunobu
deputy commissioners: okabe miki, omori hiroshi

two art movements have recently gained a lot of attention in japan
- the architecture of terunobu fujimori and ROJO (on the roadway).

‘nira house’ - leek house by terunobu fujimori and nobumichi ohshima, 1997

The only "leek-y" roof that you will find equally beautiful and useful:

‘ichiya-tei’ - one-night teahouse by terunobu fujimori
and nobumichi ohshima, 2003

model ‘takasugi-an’ by terunobu fujimori, 2006

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