Art Parties

This is such a cool idea. My first thought was "Rirkrit Tiravanija - Thai artist who cooks meals as installation art". Although I think that artists have always been interested in food. They have historically bartered food for artwork and often are keen gardeners and cooks. Cooking is creative and artists are usually on a budget. Frank Fedele has written about artists and food in The Artists' Palate: Cooking with the World's Great Artists. Here is an excerpt. Evidentally the YBA's are good cooks too...Ok, but back to the art parties. Locally there is Jamie's Area in Toronto's Kensington Market (more...) but I really like this one (via flavorwire) in the Bronx called the Bronx Blue Bedroom Project started by Blanka Amezkua especially because Blanka asks artists to offer a workshop in the local community or cook a dinner for guests...Another take is by Salon Adelphi also in NYC

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Michael Bierut: 26 Years, 85 Notebooks

via Kim Werker:

I never thought that I would follow so many designers but something has happened to my thinking and I think that this post from Michael Bierut goes for anyone who takes notes/makes drawings...

Kim Werker is my hero of the day after listening to her on Sister Diane's recent podcast and looking at her booklist on

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