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URBAN HIEROGLYPHICS; Hinting at the Hint of a Story
By Dana Jennings
Published: February 24, 2002

They are like so many messages let out of the bottle. Crumbs of paper, accidental graffiti, escaped from purses, notepads and windshield wipers. They swirl in the wind, nip at our heels, curl into dark corners. Harried objects of the moment, printed and in script, evoking the licked tip of a yellow, No. 2 pencil, Bic-stained fingers. They become cryptic scraps, hinting at the hint of a story. Certainly not the opening lines of any tale, but a clause leaked from the middle: the visual equivalent of overheard whispers. And, finally, they feel human, fragile, cultural connective tissue. As the poet Charles Simic says, ''The ephemeral is eternal.''