Thank you for the lovely feature Brett! Everyone check out Brett's new site called The Brettorium Creativity Emporium. He travels the internet trying to find artists and designers whose work he love, love, loves but who may have not received a ton of recognition for their work. He also takes really wonderful photos.


check out this vinyl decal from lunule designed by the talented susan rowe harrison:


i think wall decals are a great way to decorate a child’s room. these are maroon and come in a set of 3. the elephant stands proudly at 5 1/2 inches wide by 6 inches high. put them on a wall, or to customize furniture, trash can, book jacket, or on mat board to frame. what a great idea. when you get a chance, make sure to travel through susan’s collection. isn’t she amazing?

So, thank you Brett.

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japan - fujimori’s architecture and ROJO
venue: pavilion at giardini
commissioner: fujimori terunobu
deputy commissioners: okabe miki, omori hiroshi

two art movements have recently gained a lot of attention in japan
- the architecture of terunobu fujimori and ROJO (on the roadway).

‘nira house’ - leek house by terunobu fujimori and nobumichi ohshima, 1997

The only "leek-y" roof that you will find equally beautiful and useful:

‘ichiya-tei’ - one-night teahouse by terunobu fujimori
and nobumichi ohshima, 2003

model ‘takasugi-an’ by terunobu fujimori, 2006

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