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I have been working on my floor slowly over the summer but in the past few weeks I have been noticing more black and white patterns in my Sunday paper. Not the black and white of the newsprint but the kind of black and white that reminds me of my floor. Here is an ad by MAXALTO:

maxalto ad
   From the Valentino site, I learned that the Creative Directors are  Maria Grazia Chiuri & Pierpaolo Piccioli .  I took a look at the  Valentino Instagram  and found that Chiuri & Pierpeolo's collection was inspired by this illustration by  Joseph Larkowsky . His illustration below:


From the Valentino site, I learned that the Creative Directors are Maria Grazia Chiuri & Pierpaolo Piccioli.

I took a look at the Valentino Instagram and found that Chiuri & Pierpeolo's collection was inspired by this illustration by Joseph Larkowsky. His illustration below:

Valentino via @josayhef

Larkowsky was in turn inspired by Emilie Flöge, a fashion designer and business woman whose style fell squarely in the Wiener Werkstãtte

This adventure was totally unexpected and fun. It is similar to the learned new word that you seem to read everywhere after learning it...I am finding inspiration in so many new places. Now back to my floor. I am almost out of duck tape...

She was also a muse for Gustave Klimt, also hashtagged by Larkowsky--a nod to both Klimt and Flöge.

Emilie Flōge

Emilie Flōge

He also follows I Have This Thing With Floors --I wrote about them a few posts back--and there is also a inspirational pattern there.

Thing With Floors




chaos, flows, meanders

I just googled "patterns" and I came up with a variety of responses from sewing to tiles to patterns in nature.  A Scientific American article from 1986 on chaos suggests that in nature patterns "repeat" but not exactly in the same way because small differences in the starting points can lead to very different outcomes. Many natural patterns are shaped by this "apparent randomness".


The beat goes on...

By the way, I am also blogging once a month on the Hudson Valley Etsy Team. Check out the blog here.

be kind, rewind...

Moving gives you the distance to take stock of things. Your friends are there but not within reach of an easy coffee each week. You have to rewind on your own and continue "to do what you love more than you love yourself" (thank you Elizabeth Gilbert).  

I have been thinking a lot about social media and how to best use it to learn and to connect and to this end, I have been talking to people about blogs and listening to podcasts about blogs and reading and reading and reading about blogs. All suggest that your blog is the engine of your work as a(n) _______. It is a place to share the content behind who you are and what you are interested in with anyone who will listen.

So....wait for it...

The blog is back and I am plan to post every two weeks on a Friday. I will stop posting on my crafty blog, and consolidate content with is a lot of overlap anyway. 

My first post on May 1st will be about a floor installation that I am working on. I will tap into Sol Lewitt and 70's decorating magazines. 

Let me know what you think, send your inspirations and ideas. By following, you can let me know that you like what you are seeing and reading..

Happy Spring!


Thank you for the lovely feature Brett! Everyone check out Brett's new site called The Brettorium Creativity Emporium. He travels the internet trying to find artists and designers whose work he love, love, loves but who may have not received a ton of recognition for their work. He also takes really wonderful photos.


check out this vinyl decal from lunule designed by the talented susan rowe harrison:


i think wall decals are a great way to decorate a child’s room. these are maroon and come in a set of 3. the elephant stands proudly at 5 1/2 inches wide by 6 inches high. put them on a wall, or to customize furniture, trash can, book jacket, or on mat board to frame. what a great idea. when you get a chance, make sure to travel through susan’s collection. isn’t she amazing?

So, thank you Brett.

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