One square at a time.

I started the floor this afternoon with the idea that I might pull it up. Working from this angle gives me a great sense of relief. 

The funny thing is that I had so much fun! Listening to James Ward talk about the history of office supplies on WNYC/Leonard Lopate +ergonomic Xacto+ @theduckbrand tape + hydrogen peroxide to clean the floors=freedom/in the zone.

I am using regular @theduckbrand tape in black and white. I was thinking about Pre-War New York Apartment style and Sol Lewitt. It just seemed like the right combination.  The contrast is great.  

I am thinking about continuing the diagonals around the perimeter of the room and playing with lines throughout. I cannot decide if I want to create a Lewittian strategy like, " vertical lines of black and white @theduckbrand tape against horizontal lines of black and white @theduckbrand tape" or, just free-form it. 

Here is a small sample:

Stay-tuned for the strategy that I choose or, that chooses me.

Hope there is sun where ever you are for the weekend.