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Free Music Archive
Just like it sounds, only better
The Free Music Archive is an expertly curated virtual library of legal music downloads. The site is directed by WFMU, New Jersey's beloved, listener-supported, freeform radio station.

FMA picks up the copyright slack. Inspired by Creative Commons, the Archive strives to provide its users with royalty-free, pre-cleared tracks for noncommercial projects, including podcasts, soundtracks, radio, and remixes.

It's curated by the pros. Explore eclectic selections from legendary Seattle station KEXP, Los Angeles-based nonprofit upstart Dublab, and New York City's Issue Project Room, among many others.

The music is yours. Stream your favorite tracks from the Web, or download high-quality MP3s; if you love what you hear, the site makes it easy to give back by either buying the albums or donating directly to an artist's "tip jar."

Explore the Archive, check out WFMU's playlists, and read an interview with FMA managing director Jason Sigal.

– Eli Dvorkin

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