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O, National Film Board of Canada
Hundreds of free cinema classics hit the Web
Begone Dull Care Watching brilliant films online for free is a bandwagon we're happy to hop on, and today's addition is a doozy. The National Film Board of Canada just launched a new site that offers high-quality streams of its award-winning pictures and a plethora of supporting content.

The NFB nurtures the world's best animation. The Cat Came Back (1988) is a hilarious, Oscar-nominated adaptation of the classic popular song; and Begone Dull Care (1949) is a groundbreaking experimental work, painted directly on film, that interprets the vivid sounds of the Oscar Peterson Trio.

Watch an expert's playlist. The site features picks from a host of luminaries. Director Gil Cardinal showcases aboriginal filmmaking, while the NFB's chief archivist highlights the best of the 1960s.

Kill time, not brain cells. While the archive features standard searches (genre, year, director, title, keyword), films can also be sorted by length, making it easy to fill downtime with worthy fare.

Explore the site, check out some expert playlists, and browse the NFB's online store.

- Eli Dvorkin