My Ontario Haiku from Amos

The other day I posted about Amos Latteier's project N8R TXT...this morning I texted my location and this is the haiku I received generated in lightening speed:

Summer morning,
riverdale park, toronto

downtown Toronto/ close 2 Lockheed Blvd/
wasps at the screen door

I may try another one this afternoon!

Here is Amos's statement about the project:

Cell phones are a common element of the Ontario landscape. We often think of phones as devices that isolate people from their surroundings, but I want to demonstrate that they can be used to connect people to their environments. N8R TXT tries to use technology and humour to give people a fresh perspective on their environment, and provide them with an occasion to look more closely at their surroundings. I believe that our world is full of unexpected pleasure and hybrid splendour.

I gratefully acknowledge the Ontario Arts Council's support of this project. You guys rock.

-Amos Latteier


Amos Latteier