Takin' it to the Streets

Saturday, August 11 & Sunday, August 12, 2007 from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
An orphanage for abandoned monsters, 1001 images of Baghdad, a collaborative toy theatre parade, an unexpected poetry respite... AlleyJaunt is Toronto's alternative urban community arts event. On Saturday August 11th and Sunday August 12th, donated back alley garages surrounding Trinity Bellwoods Park are transformed into provocative venues for contemporary art.

Now in its fifth year, AlleyJaunt features over 40 local artists and arts collectives and invites the public to explore their work through the city's less travelled passage-ways in a free, non-traditional community environment. The event gives exposure to local artists, encourages public interaction with art, and reaches out to a diverse community of all ages.

This year, we are offering more than the yearly juried jaunt-we are flaunting AlleyJaunt's fifth year with AlleyJaunt: Five Special Projects. These projects, specially organized by invited local artists/curators, and add another level of experimentation and interaction to the exhibition. Become lost in composer Scott Thomson's wandering musical improvisation performance (with musicians from AIMToronto; performances at 2pm Sat. and Sun.); engage League of Tangents' (LOT-Angela Joosse, Aleksandra Kaminska, Shana MacDonald) elaborate video sculptures; stumble upon parked cars transformed into temporary screening venues in Park-In (curated by Stephen Broomer); let the children be the aesthetic judges in The Children's Choice Awards, a collaboration between Mammalian Diving Reflex and students from Parkdale Public School (Ceremony at 6:30pm Saturday). For the final special project, AlleyJaunt is producing its first ever catalogue-a catalogue that encourages everyone to write, draw and respond to the exhibition.

This year's artists include: Florencia Berinstein, Simla Civelek, Claire Despaire & Zanette Singh, Kimberly England, Michelle Johnson, H.A.P.T.I.C (Peggy-Ann Richards & Lucy Howe), Susan Rowe Harrison, Three Rocks Collective (Ken Fraser, Jessica Chan, Kim Hume), Petrina Ng & Shannon Phair, The Wireless Art in Toronto Squad, Nadia Kurd and Riaz Mehmood, Megarrah Woodland, Marco Buonocore, Elida Schogt, Brian & Madelaine Lyons, Steven Lyons, Tanya Read, Shannon Gerard, Prairie Jaunt (curated by Amber Anderson and Jenny Western), The Left Hand Players (Joelle Craven & Gareth Scales).

Come join the fun of experiencing local contemporary art at this unique community event!

Visit www.alleyjaunt.com for a detailed map of the participating alleys and garages or pick one up at the red door garage at the north end of Trinity Bellwoods Park.

AlleyJaunt thanks the generous support of The Ontario Arts Council


Jen Bulthuis T: 416.538.5632
Saara Liinamaa T: 416.912.1741