Susan Rowe Harrison contributes to the current discourse in street art, mural painting and graffiti by practicing none of the above. Harrison works on walls, interior as well as exterior, and her projects are as likely as not to include some sort of message, often but not always verbal...An arrangement of silhouettes, for instance, can reflect the presence of various objects at a given moment, fixed in place for months as a result; the particulars of an otherwise unremarkable architectural configuration can spur a (seemingly) abstract elaboration; a poem or quotation can bring forth a wall-filling design that visually sets off the words while thematically underscoring them. Harrison’s real strength is her graphic and situational versatility, an ability to respond with grace as well as imagination to a situation that demands sensitivity to social as well as aesthetic considerations.

--Peter Frank, FABRIK Magazine, LA, CA

Born in Chicago, Susan Rowe Harrison currently lives and works in Toronto. She holds graduate and undergraduate degrees from New York University and UC Berkeley respectively and studied painting and drawing at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.

Rowe Harrison makes ink drawings and site-specific installations for domestic, commercial, and alternative settings. With an interest in nature, mapping, and text, her handmade morphology integrates high and low technology; photography and vector software are used to conceptualize each work and hand drawing, cutting, and applying to create.


She has exhibited her work internationally and her public commissions include:

Hyatt Hotels

Arts Etobicoke/Amnesty International

Autoshare/Art on the Move

Floorworks/Relative Space, Bookhou

The Gladstone Hotel

Wave Hill

the University of Chicago Committee on Japanese Studies

FIFA World Cup/Seoul 2002